8 Different Ways You Can Use Carrots

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Carrot is one of the vegetables that can be used for many purposes. Although it can be eaten raw, some prefer it cooked.

One of the differences you are likely to note is that carrots are crunchy when raw and get softer when cooked.

It is a common belief that when you cook vegetables the heat tends to destroy the nutrients but this principle may not be true for all vegetables. For carrots, different reports indicate that cooked carrots tend to be healthier and more nutritious.

Here are some of the ways you can use carrots

In Salad

Grated carrots can be used for garnishing food and can equally be used to make salads; with the very common one in Kenya which is the carrot and cabbage salad.

In Juice

Carrot Smoothie

Plain carrot juice is believed to have numerous health benefits. One can, however, mix it up with other fruit juices such as passion juice to make it tastier.

Skin Care

Apart from keeping your eyes healthy, carrots are among the vegetables recommended for keeping your skin flawless.

Using carrots as a skincare ingredient will definitely give you that healthy complexion and glow you have been chasing. This is because vitamin A helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun’s harsh rays.

French Fries

For fast food lovers, you can put a healthy touch by baking up a batch of carrot fries.

For Baking

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It can never go wrong with cake! The orange flakes of grated or blended carrot give the cake color and texture, along with sweetness and moisture. You can either make a big size of small cute cupcakes.


Grated carrots wilt in just a few minutes and make a stellar sandwich filling, especially when paired with yogurt


Cook shredded carrots with sugar until they melt into jam.

Boiled or steamed

Most simply, boil carrots until tender, then dress with butter, salt, and any number of fresh herbs.

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