Peeing After Sex and Other Things Nairobi Ladies Should Stop Ignoring


Sexual Hygiene Practices 1

Sexual hygiene is something every lady should practice in their everyday life.

We live in an age where hygiene is really important and the most minute of things actually bring the most infections especially while having sex.

It is important to have sex but it also important to follow some sexual hygiene habits too. Poor hygiene can lead to infection which in turn can cause serious damage to your cookie.

Ladies, here are a few tips you should be keen to observe:

  • Peeing After Sex

This is a common problem among women especially those who do not pee after sex. Some ladies will get comfortable once the game has begun and forget the little details likely to cause health problems. Gynaecologists advice one to pee after sex to flush out bacteria which build up to cause this infection.

Sexual Hygiene Practices 5

  •  Minding your partner’s health

Taking care of your sex hygiene is one way of minding your partner’s health. In turn, they should also do so for good health and sexual wellness.

  • Not drinking water

Drinking plenty of water is not only beneficial to your skin and body well being but it plays a vital role when it comes to sexual hygiene. Drink water before sex so that you can relieve yourself later. Urine helps flush out the bacteria in your urethra before it grabs hold and become an infection.

  • Cleaning sex toys

For those who use them, sex toys can harbour dust and dirt depending on how you store them. It would be best if you cleaned their sex toys before and after handling them.

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Always read the instructions and follow guidelines as different sex toys may require cleaning methods. Do not share your sex toys with other people.

  • Wash your hands

Hands carry a lot of bacteria, hence it is sexually hygienic for your partner to wash their hands before touching your vulva. Needless to say, the same applies to unkempt nails which can harbour dirt causing infections. Therefore, to avoid getting a yeast infection, ensure your hands and your partner’s hands are clean before any sexual activity.

  •  Be Health-conscious

Use a condom to avoid contracting or passing any sexually transmitted diseases. But before this, you and your partner should be tested to make sure everything is okay. Most sexually transmitted diseases are curable if treated early which is why it is important to get tested and treated as soon as possible.

In the same thought, get checked and tested for infections if you happen to have unprotected sex.

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