Kirinyaga Residents Amused by Well With Soda-like Taste

A boy from Thumaita sits by the well which contains the water christened ‘Munyu’. Water from the well tastes like Krest brand of Soda. Photo/Courtesy

Residents of Thumaita village, Gichugu Constituency, Kirinyaga, are amused still trying to find answers to a well with water said to taste like Krest bitter lemon soda.

The well, which the locals have nicknamed ‘Munyu’, is said to have existed for centuries with some saying it is over 100 years old since its construction.

According to one resident, Selina Wanja, who has lived in the area for over 80-years, the well was used as a sacred place when she was a child.

The water is alleged to be having healing properties

“I started drinking from the well when I was a child. It was used as a place of prayer by the elders. They would pray for things like rainfall and would even slaughter a sheep as a sacrifice,” she recalled.

It is reported that tourists come as far as Europe to have a sip of the water, which allegedly has healing properties.

“This water can treat ailments like common colds, flu, pneumonia and even skin conditions,” said Justus Nyaga, a resident.

water well with soda-like taste

In thumaita village in Kirinyaga county sits a water well with soda-like taste called "Munyu". The villagers there say "Munyu" can cure several diseases. Watch, share, comment #TV47KE #MachoNaSautiYetu #UpeoWaTV47

Posted by TV 47 Kenya on Sunday, 29 September 2019

One fact which has amused the locals, even more, is the fact that water levels of the ‘miraculous’ well remains the same even during immense dry seasons.

To make it more interesting, it is alleged that when the water is drawn and taken home, the soda taste eventually disappears.

This means that for one to enjoy the water, they have to drink it at the well or use special leaves which preserve the taste until they get home.

According to previous research studies carried out in the area, Gichugu has an abundance of such wells which have water that is fizzy, acidic and moderately hard.

Scientifically, the reasons attributed to such tastes is that sometimes, water that is naturally alkaline passes over rocks, like springs and picks up minerals, which increase its alkaline level.

Sometimes, the water goes through a chemical process called electrolysis, which uses a product called an ionizer to raise the pH of regular water.

Among other proven importance of naturally carbonated water includes; help to relieve stomach problems, such as indigestion or nausea, may help to treat constipation in some people as well as helping in maintaining a healthy pH of the blood so it doesn’t become too acidic or too basic.

The water is said to be naturally filtered and is safe for drinking.


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