Why Anerlisa And I Got Married Secretly – Ben Pol

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai are officially husband and wife.

The two got married in a very low-key traditional ceremony a few months ago but many fans didn’t know that. As it turns out, that’s how the couple intended for things to be.


Speaking to a Tanzanian blog, Ben revealed that he likes to share things concerning his career but isn’t too comfortable sharing information about his love life and that is why many didn’t get to know about his traditional wedding.

“I am married but I didn’t broadcast it because it was a family affair,” he explained during an interview with Top Level TZ.

 “Everyone has their way of loving. Some people want to make their affairs public. I will produce music and talk about it but when it comes to my personal life I want it to remain private,” he added.

Ben Pol is not the only public figure who enjoys a private personal life. Former Radio personality Caroline Mutoko revealed that sharing her private life on social media is not open to discussion.

 “For some people, it’s a non-negotiable (sharing their personal life on social media), I am one of those people. It is not up for discussion and for me if you ask anyone who works in media like Caroline Mandi of True Love she will tell you that I am very clear, my home is off-limits. My home is not available and my circle of friends have the sort of lives and jobs that can’t afford nonsense and sometimes we both need plausible deniability to each other. So I don’t share that. I feel that sharing that leaves me very little in terms of places I could retreat to; a cocoon or cave of love and understanding and just us-ness that has nothing to do with the rest of you. So yes there are some people who will say no and I am one of them. And even when I have said yes before, I have watched the monster that can be social media and I have to choose very carefully what can be put out there, how much and in what manner,” Caroline said on her YouTube channel.

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