Selina Actor Flaunts ‘Mzungu’ Date Following Public Break Up (Photo)

Lenana Kariba (Instagram)

It seems that Selina actor Lenana Kariba who plays the role of ‘Regan’ in the show has found love again.

Mr Kariba who has dazzled ladies for years with his ‘bedroom eyes’ showed up to the premiere of the ‘You Again’ film with some Caucasian eye candy in a stunning yellow dress.

The two couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other and were spotted arm-in-arm during the highly-hyped movie’s premiere.

 Selina Actor Flaunts ‘Mzungu’ Date Following Public Break Up (Photo)
Kariba in a green jacket, his date, Musicians Kagwe Mungai and Mimi Mars (Jobartphotography)

This is arguably the first appearance Lenana has made with his new lady following a recent split from his girlfriend of many years Lindsay Lulu who is of Dutch-Kenyan descent.

Confirming the break up a few months ago in an episode of ‘Wine and Trash’ on YouTube, Lulu said, “Sh*t happens. This is the real world. Sometimes things just don’t work out! We are both single and we’re just trying to grow as better individuals.”

Lindsay (Shem Obara)

She went on to reveal that there is no bad blood between them and Lenana will always have a special place in her heart.

“I’m always going to love him, he’s an amazing human being and I learnt a lot from him,” she confessed.

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