How to Know Whether Your Partner Has Soft Blocked You

Blocking for passive-aggressive people.

There is a new wave taking over social media and it’s called soft blocking. What is soft blocking you ask?

Soft blocking is blocking a person then quickly unblocking them, an act that leads to the blocked party unknowingly unfollowing the blocker.

This passive-aggressive method comes in handy on Instagram and Twitter when you don’t want the full-blown drama that often accompanies a full block.

Unfortunately, this method has also been employed by passive-aggressive partners after arguments and this is how to know if your partner has blocked you temporarily.

Type the username of the said person in the Instagram search button.

Unlike a full-blown block where the username doesn’t show up, in soft blocking, you can see the account but you realize that you have ‘unfollowed’ them but you don’t remember unfollowing them, meaning you have been soft blocked.

How to handle soft blocking

Getting blocked sucks big time but it isn’t a life and death situation. When handling a soft-blocker, you have 3 options:

1. Don’t engage in the drama they are creating by also going on a blocking spree on other social media platforms.

2. Talk to them about it after giving them space to cool down and find out why they did it.

3. People who often employ systems such as soft blocking are usually passive-aggressive people even in real life. You can decide to take a break from the relationship and evaluate whether you need drama in your life or you can bin the relationship altogether.

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