You Waited For Chidren’s Death to Act? Duale Attacks CS Magoha Over School Tragedy

Rescue operations at Precious Talent Academy on Monday. File.

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has launched a scathing attack towards Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha following a deadly tragedy at Precious Talent Academy.

In video footage shared by MagicalKenyaNews on Saturday, Duale was recorded angrily rebuking the CS and his officials accusing them of negligence.

The Majority leader scolded Magoha for failing to prevent the tragedy saying his ministry is purely to blame.

“There is a very big problem in Kenya. The other day 8 pupils died at a school. After the death is when we saw Education CS and his permanent secretary rushing to the scene.

They start making remarks such as ooh I take responsibility, I will close this school.

I want to ask the CS and his officials, why did you wait for students to die so that you can take action? Were you given the job when the pupils died? ,” said Duale.

The MP took a swipe at Magoha saying he only took advantage of the tragedy to show that he was working yet he had all time to prevent such calamities.

Education CS George Magoha with his officials at Precious Talent Academy.

The lawmaker further urged the president to take action against the CS and his officials claiming that they had failed in their mandate.

Duale also urged the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) and the Directorate of Public Prosecution(DPP) to swing into action and hold into account those who failed in their duties.

“When lives are lost someone must take responsibility.

And to the DCI and DPP, the way they have arrested the proprietor of that school, they must arrest officials from the ministry of education in the quality section and the highest level who approved that school.

They must also be taken to court for the murder of those students,” demanded Duale.

On  Monday, 8 students lost their lives and 64 others got injured after a classroom wall collapsed on them at the academy.

Among those who died was a KCPE candidate who happened to be index one.

School Proprietor, Moses Wainaina, was arrested, arraigned and currently detained pending further investigations.




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