Matatus for This Route Have Stopped Accepting Old Ksh1000 From Passengers

Old Ksh1,000 notes
Old Ksh1,000 notes [Photo, Courtesy]
Thika Road matatus are not accepting the old Ksh1000 notes from passengers.

Notices were posted on the matatus plying the routes indicating that old Ksh1000 notes would not be accepted after Friday.

Thika Road matatus join several businesses across the country that have refused to accept the notes to comply with the Central Bank of Kenya directive that seeks to render them obsolete after October 1.

CBK Governor Dr Njoroge said the move is aimed at stopping illicit cash flows in the country.

CBK Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge [Photo, Courtesy]
Online store Jumia asked its agents not to accept the old notes starting Wednesday.

Last week, Safaricom also said it would not accept the old Ksh1000 notes from Thursday (26th).

The US Embassy in Nairobi started declining the notes from 12 September.

Dr Njoroge told a local radio station in August that “those old Ksh1000 notes will be mere paper come October 1”.

There is no penalty for holding the notes after September 30.

While the old Ksh1000 will disappear from circulation, old notes of lower denominations will still be accepted after the deadline since they will continue being legal tender after the October 1 deadline.

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