My Late Dad Used to Molest Me -Kenyan Lady Confess


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Everyone has a secret they are ashamed of.

However, some people have decided to share their mind-blowing secrets they thought they will take to the grave.

An 18-year-old lady has for the first time come out to narrate how her late biological dad used to molest her at a tender age and how the whole ordeal is currently affecting her.

Read her confession below that was posted on popular a Telegram Channel.

“👉👉 Hi ann I have a confession
I never told this secret to anyone … I am 18 lady when I was a kid my daddy(now he’s died) touching my pu** n at that time it was really nothing to me n my young sis also did n get wet by touching me but I was around 12. 

“In addition to this, my younger sis (i have two sisters) also touch me and masturbate herself n I criticized why they all touched me badly. When I become mature I think about that moment n I start to blame myself n I also think about how could they do this? can masturbating make them so sensitive? N now I watch porns n get satisified I have this 2 problems. The one is I can’t forget that moment n the second is I can’t stop masturbating. so what can I do? I really need some advice. I need to appreciate you. thanks, ann 💄”



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