Best Friends Confession Causes an Online Dilemma

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Would you sell out your best friend if you found him or her doing wrong? Many are times people get caught up in such situations and wonder what to do like it is in the case of two school teachers who were best friends. hek out the confession below.

I have a confession, my identity six feet under would be an understatement. I have a best friend, a good friend we’ve known each other for two years now because we both teach in the same school.

I have so many friends but she is different because unlike the rest she is very real, like over-real I thought she has a problem because there are those things you keep as a secret even to your best of friends.

This happens a few weeks ago, I caught her pants down smoking weed in school after which she begged me not to tell anyone it was just “stress” she’ll get over it.

I despised that behavior because no one should smoke in school out of respect for the students and I condemned her. she promised that was the last one and she will never repeat again.

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She never did, naturally, I started investigating her and while on duty together, this happened very very recently, I saw her smoking weed with a male student in the dark and that crashed me because even though am open-minded, it’s unacceptable to me.

I also have kids, not in boarding school but I have believes that are violating me. She has been a friend but am so close to reporting her but I haven’t done it yet.

What if they ask for evidence and I don’t have any? what if they think am only doing that to destroy her life it will be a very awkward moment between us if no action is taken.

Am so violated from inside, it’s either I do something or I ask for a transfer but this thing has been occupying my mind most of the time now

What is the best advice that you would offer to this teacher? Should she report the matter?

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