Ben Kitili Is A Lucky Man! Wife Flaunts Sexy Figure After Weight Loss (Photos)

Weight loss experts say that losing weight depends heavily on the type of food you consume (80%) while 20% of weight loss depends on exercise.

Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude has followed this and has lost 12 Kgs in 9 weeks through a healthy diet. She has already lost enough Kgs to achieve her pre-baby weight and is working to lose more.Mrs Kitili has been working with a nutritionist, leading to her massive weight loss.

Her loss of weight has even impressed her nutritionist who posted “Woooooooow. If you have been keen on my highlights then you know her. The lady with the white nail polish. My goodness. slow but sure transformations. We are not there yet but I feel so privileged to be working with her. We have already gotten to her pre-baby weight but have some more kgs to get to her desired weight. Mondays are for transformations and this one here is such an amazing transformation. I love how young she looks and her waist is to die for. Congratulations @aminamude on the 12kgs let’s work on the rest.”

Amina is not the only celebrity who is a firm believer that nutrition goes a long way when it comes to weight loss. Other celebrities have lost weight through nutrition include Yummy Mummy who was on the Keto Diet and Senator Sakaja who has combined nutrition and gym to achieve his desired weight.

In a 2018 interview on Milele FM Sakaja disclosed that he has been watching his portion size and curbing his carbohydrate and alcohol intake which contribute to calorie consumption.
“Adui sio nyama ni pombe, that’s what adds calories mingi sana, kama lazma unywe unapunguza tu. Afya ni muhimu,” he said.

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