Kiss Fm Presenter Andrew Kibe Claims Pastor Burale Has a Huge Penis

In the spirit of #TBT this was the day Andrew Kibe confessed that Burale has a big cassava live on camera.

For many men, talking about another man’s manhood is a taboo topic, but we all know that Andrew Kibe is not your usual guy.

The Kiss 100 presenter recently confessed that his estranged friend Robert Burale is well hung during a game of F**k, Marry Or Kill on Xtian Dela’s YouTube Channel.

This was after the host Xtain Dela asked who Kibe and Kamene would F**k, Marry Or Kill between DJ Mo, Robert Burale and Prezzo.

In the episode, Kibe shocked viewers by divulging that Burale is a blessed man and one of Burale’s lovers once confessed to having had her insides ‘disarranged’ by the pastor.

“Burale once bomoad a chile, you guy that chic came to me the next day crying saying ‘I swear I could feel it up to here’ the girl said pointing to her chest. This chille was in pain,” Kibe confessed.

He went on to add that another situation they had with a prostitute collaborated the girl’s claims.

“That was the first time, the second time we were at the dunda with Burale and a langa (prostitute) comes and touches all our d*cks, they just check. She touched his and she like ‘huh’ in shock,” Kibe added.

Dark Past

In case you are wondering what Pastor Burale was doing in a club, he once confessed to having a hedonistic past that involved sexual addiction and strippers.

He got into debt as he would spend up to Sh100 000 in one night to feed his addiction. An addiction that was not only costly in terms of money but also cost him his girlfriend who caught him in the act.

“I suspect that someone might have seen me and my boys stroll into the club and called her. She caught me red-handed stacking money onto a stripper,” Robert told The Daily Nation.


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