How to Deal with an Office Crush

Crushes are inevitable!!! Crushes occur everywhere and can also occur in the office. In most of the Kenyan companies, it can be complicated, as many of the workplaces grimace on office romances.

Crushes on a coworker hold the possibility to get thrown in the bin as well, for a range of reasons:

Avoid expectations

It’s good to discover someone to encourage you during your work, however, while you will be fantasizing about getting together with that person, do not imagine that they will make your wishes come true by any chance.


Do not be obvious

Chunga! Be cautious of your actions.  Apart from preserving your heart from being crushed, restraining may help you sustain your professionalism and rescue yourself from uninvited gossip. Your colleagues will always whisper and some of your chic pals might be jealous.


Consider the consequences

In case you really believe you desire a relationship with the crush, you must start contemplating the consequences. It might also jeopardize your job.

Discuss with your friend about your situation(Not your workmates)

Allowing someone else to know about your situation can reduce some of the pressure of having a crush you don’t wish to act upon. You can share with your girlfriends on a night out or over lunch.

Establish a boundary

If you make a decision to never involve yourself in office romances to avoid jeopardizing your job or some other reason, then formulate rules to prevent any future crushes you could have.

Don’t fall for your boss:

Persons in positions of power require keeping additional defined boundaries for their judgment to remain impartial.





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