11 Wierd Things that Have Been Found in Vaginas

With our current school curriculum in Kenya, sex education hasn’t been given a priority. Teachers are a bit ‘reserved’ when it comes to such topics and therefore children graduate with scanty information. This might mostly happen to the ones in rural areas who have no access to the Internet or Television screens.

This lack of sex education has caused a worrying trend whereby girls tend to place objects in their vagina for sexual pleasures.

Placing objects into the vagina that aren’t supposed to be there can cause all kinds of damage. They can cause abrasions, disrupt the delicate bacteria balance of the vagina, or lead to a nasty infection.

These are some of the strangest things that have been found in vaginas:

1.Smokies: Girls have been found to have stuck smokies in their cookie as a way of ‘enjoying’.


3.Deodorant caps

4.Scented Soaps

5.Pieces of cucumber

6.A cell phone.

7.Wand of cash: This is mostly found in ‘fungaas’ who steal from guys.

8.A tampon that has overstayed in the vagina





Don’t put things in your vagina that aren’t expressly designed to be put into the vagina. If you do and you can’t remove whatever object it is, don’t be ashamed to go to the doctor or a gynaecologist and ask for help. They’ve likely seen worse and it’s better to get professional assistance rather than scrabbling around inside your bits.





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