“Those Who Murdered Cohen Are Here, Your Days Are Numbered”- Sarah Wairimu Speech at Cohen’s Burial(Video)

The remains of Tob Cohen being set for the final rites.

The estranged wife of the late Kenyan-based-Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen has fired a warning to those who were responsible for the murder of her husband.

Sarah Wairimu, who addressed mourners Cohen’s final journey, regretted the death of her husband but expressed optimism that the murderers will soon be brought to book.

“One thing that Tob told me is never to take No for an answer, even in this I am going to fight.

And even as we stand here, many of those who are responsible for Tob’s death here in sheep’s skin, believe me you, your days are also numbered. It’s been painful…,” said Sarah.

Cohen’s wife-turned key suspect took the occasion to remind the attendees that she was the legal wife of the tycoon.

Tob Cohen and his wife-turned -suspect Sarah Wairimu during happier times.

She also took a swipe at those claiming that they were cohen’s relatives and friends.

“I have seen a few friends and relatives here. the few relatives who are purporting to be Tob’s relatives yours is another story…I was not a secret everybody knows Sarah.

I am known as Sarah Tobs and now also everybody knows that I am Sarah Cohen. Let that be very clear,” said Sarah.

Cohen was interred at the Jewish Cemetery in Nairobi after a quorum of 10 Jewish male adults was attained.

The Dutchman, a former CEO of Philips Electronics East Africa, was reported missing from their Lower Kabete home in Nairobi between July 19 and July 20, 2019.

His wife Wairimu was arrested days after his disappearance and while in police custody, Cohen’s body was found in a septic tank at his home in Kitisuru, Spring Valley, Nairobi on September 13.

Here s video that was tweeted by Kenneth:

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