Anglican Bishop Prophecies That Ruto Will Be The 5th president

DP Ruto interacts with Kayole residents as he heads to church.

Anglican Nairobi Bishop Joel Waweru has foreseen Deputy President William Ruto’s victory in the 2022 presidential elections.

Speaking on Sunday during a church service at the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) St Patrick’s Kayole, Embakasi Central in Nairobi, the bishop expressed optimism that the DP will clinch the top seat with ease.

“This church will be completed in 2022…Do you know what will happen in 2022? We will be swearing in the new president. Have you already seen him?

I see you have eyes. And because the consecration of the church is done by the church, I will do the consecration of the church and his excellency, who will be the president 2022, will open the church.

We have booked in the diary and I am serious about it. His excellency my name is Joel and Joel is a prophet so I am a prophet and I have prophesied that,” said the Bishop.

The Deputy President was in attendance when the bishop was making the remarks.

Deputy President William Ruto in a church service at Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) St Patrick’s Kayole, Embakasi Central, Nairobi County.

On the same day, Embu Catholic Bishop Rt Rev Paul Kariuki hit out at those criticising Ruto’s Tanga Tanga movement saying he was enhancing various development projects in the country.

“Ruto is like a bee, he is working, others are like flies. They are looking for rotting places, saying that he is roaming the country, they cant appreciate the work he has done,” said Kariuki.

The bishop urged Ruto to keep visiting various parts of the country because his visits were impactful.

The recent moves by religious leaders to wade into succession politics has become subject of debate among politicians with a section of politicians castigating them for bringing divisions in the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has in many public functions urged politicians to wait for 2022 to engage in politics.

DP Ruto has long claimed, in a bid to defend himself, that his trips are not political but development-oriented.


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