Miguna Shames ‘Gideon Moi’, Accuse Him of Lying For Raila

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Miguna revealed that Raila was hiding under the table in the 1995 Thika stadium story. Photo/File

Controversial city lawyer Miguna Miguna has launched yet another attack on Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and ODM party leader Raila Odinga over what he said as lying about a story that was featured on the Standard Newspaper.

Miguna, while poking holes in a story featured on the Standard Newspaper on Sunday 22, 2019, accused Gideon Moi (key stakeholder in the Standard Media Group) of conspiring with Raila to lie on what exactly happened at Thika stadium in 1995.

An alleged picture of Raila being rescued from a police officer who was firing bullets at him in Thika. Shielding him were an evangelist Rev Okoth Otura and one of his bodyguards. Photo/File

In the Untold story; How I saved Raila, the newspaper expounds on how a police officer nearly shot Raila death but was luckily saved by an eagle-eyed cleric.

According to the paper, Raila Odinga together with his then-rival Kijana Wamalwa were both at the Thika Stadium where Ford-Kenya was holding elections to replace its chairman, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who had died a year earlier.

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The story was featured by The Standard Media Group one of the media houses partly owned by Moi’s family. Photo/File

Both were competing to grab the party’s top post in a bid to automatically become the party’s presidential candidate in the 1997 presidential election. It is then that chaos erupted between the two sides.

The story painted Raila being pinned to the ground by his aides, including Otura, as he appeared besieged, staring at the gunmen who were out to take his life.

The chaos that erupted nearly turned into a blood bath with Raila breaking ranks with Wamalwa. This is what led to Raila resigning from Ford-Kenya and forming the National Development Party (NDP).

Miguna who was also in attendance, however, dismissed the newspaper’s report as misleading. According to him, the ODM boss was instead, hiding under the table, afraid of his rival Michael Kijana Wamalwa not the Kenya police.

“The con-man was cowering under Okoth Otura. There was no bullet. Raila and his goons were overpowered and you can see how the coward is trying to hide under the table. Raila and his goons were overpowered and you can see how the coward is trying to hide under the table.

Now, The People’s Con-Man, sycophants and zombies are desperately trying to rewrite history. It will not succeed,” stated Miguna.

Miguna has heavily been criticising both President Uhuru and Raila Odinga since he was deported to Canada immediately after taking part in the swearing-in ceremony of Raila Odinga as the People’s President in 2018.







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