Revealed!Nothing For Sarah Wairimu After Cohen’s Will Opened

File: Tob Cohen and his wife-turned-Suspect Sarah Wairimu.

The will of Kenyan-based dutch tycoon Tob Cohen was on Friday opened by Kirundi & Co Advocates.

Cohen’s sister Gabrielle Van Straten, his brother Bernard Cohen and Lawyer Cliff Ombeta were in attendance.

According to Citizen Tv report, Sarah Wairimu, the late’s wife-turned-suspect, will have nothing to inherit from the late’s wealth.

Though further details of the will have been kept private, report by the Royal Media-owned station indicates that Cohen’s sister Gabrielle Van Straten will inherit 50 per cent of the value of Cohen’s Kitisuru home, 25 per cent for Gabrielle’s children, while the remaining 25 per cent for the children of his brother, Bernard Cohen.

Despite being invited to attend the will opening session, Wairimu’s lawyer Philip Murgor turned the offer down citing lack of trust over the details of the will.

The widow, on Thursday, September 19, rejected the contents of her husbands will adding that she would not participate in its reading.

Sarah Wairimu with her Lawyer Philip Murgor during a court session.

An article published by Algemeen Dagblad ( AD, Dutch newspaper, claimed to have gained access to the contents of the will.

According to the newspaper, the former Philips Kenya CEO had left his Ksh400 million Kitisuru villa to his sister, Gabrielles van Straten.

Sarah, however, claimed that the will had been compromised, based on alleged contents published by top Dutch Newspaper before it was officially read out.

The latest revelations are set to spark another battle between the deceased wife and Cohen’s relative after Sarah’s lawyer promise to go to court to protest against the content of the will.

Tob Cohen’s House in Kitisuru, Nairobi.

Sarah had earlier claimed that she co-owned the Kitisuru home with Cohen.

According to Kahatungu, Sarah co-owned the property in reference to an affidavit sworn in 2007.

“In a sworn affidavit dated May 18, 2007, the two jointly purchased a plot — LR Number. 2951/449 — situated at Farasi Lane Off Ngecha Road and began developing it by erecting a dwelling house in June 2007,” reported Kahawatungu.



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