Miguna Tears Apart Citizen TV For Propagating Xenophobic Politics

Miguna Miguna attacks Citizen TV over xenophobic politics.

An exiled advocate of the High Court of Kenya Miguna Miguna has scolded Citizen TV for providing coverage to xenophobic politics.

The lawyer on Friday expressed his disapproval of the TV’s decision to allow Millie Odhiambo, who was hosted at JKL show, to give remarks that he claimed will spark political hatred.

“THE @citizentvkenya and @KoinangeJeff MUST STOP PROMOTING XENOPHOBIC POLITICS IN KENYA This is dead wrong.

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya; not the capital city of Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya and Kamba. Mariga is a Luhya, not a Kalenjin,” wrote Miguna on Twitter.

The ODM MP had claimed that the Kalenjin nation is seeking to assert its authority in Nairobi through the Kibra by-elections.

The MP further alleged that the Kalenjins could not clinch the presidential seat because they had no authority in Nairobi.

The claims could not go well with Miguna who termed the statements baseless adding that the argument could not hold water.

MP Millie Odhiambo with Jeff Koinange during the JKL show. Miguna scolded the show for allowing the MP to make a xenophobic political remark.

“It is factually incorrect to claim that no member of Kenya’s 45 ethnic groups can be president “if none of them is a member of parliament in Nairobi.”

Moi was a tyrant. But he was a Kalenjin and president of Kenya for 24 years when there was no Kalenjin MP in Nairobi,” added Miguna.

The expelled lawyer urged Citizen TV to regulate debates and discussions based on ideas that will enhance nationalism rather than ethnic divisions.

“We must compete with our ARTICULATED visions, ideas, values, ideologies, programs, platforms, manifestoes and record.

It is morally wrong for anyone to perpetuate the myth that Nairobi belongs to Kikuyus, Luis, Luhyas and Kambas. Nairobi belongs to all of us,” urged Miguna.

The latest rant by the lawyer comes barely a week after he had defended the  TV station against a scathing attack directed to it by a section of social media users.

“Congratulations to the @citizentvkenya‘s News Gang. This is very good journalism. Critical, informative, balanced and focused. Kenyans need more of these. Viva!” said Miguna last week.


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