Bootylicious Model Exposes Willy Paul After He Slid Into Her Dm


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Bwana Mkunaji Willy Paul has found himself at the lips of many yet again in a DM controversy after a bootylicious model exposed the backslider Gospel artist for hitting on her aggressively.

Taking to her instastories, Sheerow-Flawless shared screenshots of how Bwana Mkunaji rudely demanded her number.

Their conversation, however, reveals that the lady made the first move. She saluted the ‘fisi’ celebrity who straight forward asked for her number.


His directness is what offended the lady who bragged over how many suitors beg for her number but her independence is still what feeds and clothes her. In the end, she sternly refused to give him the number.

Here are the screenshots


Obviously her allegations would elicit mixed reactions hence she prepared an early defence on the story citing that she won’t get monetary profits through her accusations.

“This is my page on one pays me over here so no one should talk smack over here especially out to me!!so whatever your position I this life if you don’t respect me idgaf about you and that’s so yeah I’m outta this place lmao room for something called Rude in dis bitch,” she wrote.

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