Quick Things To Expect from Tob Cohen’s Autopsy

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Detectives retrieve the body of slain businessman Tob Cohen. PHOTO: Courtesy

The body of Tob Cohen- a Dutch-Kenyan businessman murdered in unclear circumstances is set to undergo an autopsy, but what are the quick things to expect from this medical examination.

First, autopsies are usually conducted when a death occurs unexpectedly, violently or through a suspected drug overdose. Similarly, an autopsy is done if death occurs through an accident or any other unnatural means.

Tob Cohen’s body was found Saturday after detectives decided to uncover a septic tank at the slain businessman’s Kitisuru home months after he was reported missing.

Government pathologist Dr Johannsen Oduor is expected to reveal the underlying circumstances surrounding Cohen’s death.

Top of the things Oduor will be looking out for are:

The cause of Cohen’s death

Through the analysis of selected body tissues, the pathologist will examine the cause of the businessman’s death by observing anomalies in the cadaver.

Cohen is suspected to have been tied up and strangled before being wrapped in nylon and blankets and thrown into an underground water tank.

Also important to the pathologist would be to establish whether Cohen was killed on the very night of his disappearance or some other day.

Wairimu, on Monday, requested the Courts that proper logistical plans be made for the X-rays, adequate facilities, particularly a bone-cutting saw, and adequate containers for the collection of samples for toxicological analysis.

Cohen’s family lawyer, Cliff Ombeta said that a family pathologist was expected to be in the country but had not arrived. He, however, said the family had confidence in the government pathologist to do a professional job.

The autopsy is expected to reveal why Cohen died, and what exactly resulted to his death.

On the night of his disappearance in July, Cohen is said to have expressed fears that his estranged wife could be plotting his murder.

Cohen’s wife Sarah Wairimu, in earlier disclosures, revealed that the businessman may have gone for medical vacation in Thailand.

This was followed by her arrest and incarceration as the inquest on Cohen gathered steam.

Meanwhile, Wairimu is expected to be in police custody pending a mental examination expected to be done in seven days.

After the results of the mental are out, she is poised to take a plea in connection with the murder of his husband.

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