Sarah Wairimu to Remain in Custody 10 More Days

Sarah Wairimu wife to the late Tob Cohen. Photo Courtesy

Sarah Wairimu, the chief suspect in the murder of her husband Tob Cohen will remain in custody for 10 more days, The high court has ruled.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution(ODPP)  has asked the court to allow them more days to hold the suspect as they gather more evidence and also wait for the post-mortem report on Cohen’s body. The prosecution also wanted time to conduct a mental assessment test on the suspect.

Ms Wairimu will, therefore, remain in police custody until September 26, 2019, “when she takes plea in relation to the murder of her husband Tob Cohen, ” read a statement from the ODPP.

Wairimu became a prime suspect in the missing and later murder of her husband after he went missing on July 20, 2019, and his body found on Friday last week in their Kitisuru home.

She claims the body could have been planted in her compound to frame her, an allegation she will have to prove in court as police build a case against key suspects.

Meanwhile, the court has barred the media, DPP and DCI from commenting on the case.

Justice Jessie Lessit on Monday ordered that the media should only report on what happens in court

If found guilty, Sarah might be hanged in accordance with The Penal Code Section 204 which states that anyone found guilty of murder, robbery with violence, treason and other capital offences shall be hanged.

Though death sentences are frequently handed down, the last execution was in July 1987 when Kenya Air Force senior private Hezekiah Ochuka was hanged for the 1982 coup attempt.

In 2017, the Supreme Court declared the mandatory death sentence was unconstitutional but did not outlaw it. The ruling gives judges discretion to decide whether to hand down the death sentence or life imprisonment.


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