Jalango Trolled For Flossing In A New Convertible Mercedes Benz

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Milele FM radio presenter Jalango has been trolled by Kenyans after showing off a new convertible Mercedes Benz.

Kenyans went hard on the media personality after a video of him driving the car went viral.

A convertible Mercedes Benz is one of the flashy cars that costs over a Million which is pretty much affordable compared to other upmarket vehicles.

In Kenya, quite a number of celebrities and prominent people own luxurious cars. Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was a couple years back spotted in convertible Mercedes Benz; an exact version of what the radio presenter was driving.

Angry Kenyans called Jalango out adding that the show off was unnecessary for such a cheap car.

Others seemed more concerned by the fact that Jalango seemingly risked his life by recording the video while driving.

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Despite the hate, some of his fans congratulated him for the new ride and described him as an inspiration.

Although many seem to have concluded that Jalango is now an owner of such a lavish car, it is not clear whether it belongs to him.

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Have a look at the reactions.

Jerry Madara How much🙄🙄🙄 the seats look like Toyota🤔🤔🤔🤔


Saa anataka aje💀💀


Anyone who buys a benz that is not a AMG version is a fool.. at least in America. #nawmeen

Steven Maina Ujaluo..sasa kichwa yako ndo imekuwa mercedes benz..matako wewe

Tomas Onyang The second hand two door Mercedes convertibles are very cheap cars here in the U.S. , y’all making us look so cheap!



Tommah Maxx I didn’t see the Benz….only seats and a bald head🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

Bigshark Mayja Waruingi Endangering the lifes of others on the road and himself too just to take a selfie video for show off people out there drive more expensive cars than that!

Vero Muraya Mmi na probox yangu pia nitafika pahali naenda bora iko na mafuta….

Kennedy Ngugi Convertibles are very cheap mostly during the winter now people in Europe when they see us flossing with them and they are throwing them away just laugh

Darwin Charles I don’t blame you jalango..ujaluo ndo unakusumbua…the first thing kesho driving licence yako itakuwa withdrawn am asking NTSA to came after you….this are the people who cause accidents.

Victor Kazera Ole Kegonchiri NTSA mko wapi? Remember the matatu driver who was texting while drving?….the difference?


Bidan Bidan Mimi siwezi nunua gari Haina boot. Lazima iende shambani ilete mbembe, thara, na jioni iuze mboga na nyanya na morning ipeleke maziwa pale kamby

Murimi Dennis
 Ile umaskini iko kenya..yaani a convertible merc is news here….na wengine wanaroll na gari ya 1.7billion USA akina Ronaldo

George Ooko Ata Uncle Bob ameacha nyumba kubwa kushinda State house Nairobi aisuru

Jenipher Achieng Sasa akina Joho na Steve Mbogo watasema ninj

Jack Kushkush Pengine hata ni loan amechukua for show off.Moffo.

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