Lawyer Philip Murgor Tables Fresh Evidence to Prove Tob Cohen’s Wife Innocence

Cohen Body found at his Kitisuru House.

Philip Murgor, lawyer to estranged wife of the late Tob Cohen, has come hot on the heels with  “evidence” sufficient enough to exonerate his client from the ongoing onslaught indicating that his client is responsible for the gruesome murder of Cohen.

Murgor, who spoke to journalist in a televised live coverage at NTV, asserted that his client was innocent saying there was no evidence linking Sarah Wairimu to the murder of her husband.

“Sarah is innocent by law she is innocent by law she is innocent on the basis of evidence she is innocent. No matter how much Kinoti talks to the media Sarah is innocent,” said the lawyer.

According to the Lawyer, Sarah has never accessed her matrimonial home alone, since her arrest, adding that she only went their twice in company of officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Tob Cohen
Tob Cohen and his estranged wife Sarah Wairimu Kamotho. [Photo, Courtesy]
“The two times she was allowed access to her house, she was escorted by DCI detectives. Sarah had gone to her house for a bath and change of clothes. Tuesday, August 10, police took her from Muthaiga to her home,” he narrated.

Murgor claimed that during the visits, the officers combed through the compound and found nothing linking his client to any malicious actions.

“They searched every place in the house. 99% of the search was done. . the inspected the carpet, golf kit, shoes.

She showed them secret panic room beneath Tob’s bedroom. She never used to sleep in the same bedroom with him.The police never knew the room existed,” he said.

The Lawyer further showed photographs of DCI officers in the compound,during the visits, and revealed that the detectives opened the underground water storage tank, where the Cohen’s body was found, and got nothing.

The lawyer further accused the DCI of carrying out investigations without their involvement alluding to a possible foul play given that they took over scene of crime since her client was detained.

DCI boss George Kinoti leads a team of detectives at Tob Cohen’s house.

On Friday, after the DCI boss George Kinoti announced that they had found Cohen’s body at an underground water storage within his compound..

The lawyer, however, differed with the chief detective saying no test were carried to confirm the assertion.

According to Kinoti, the billionaire was brutally murdered and the scene of the murder was at his own house.

“True to our criminal intelligence we discovered the body of the missing Tob Cohen. It was a gruesome murder.He was murdered in his own residence they took their time to kill the innocent Cohen.

He was bound, tied hands to the neck before he was murdered and disposed to an underground water tank,” said an emotional Kinoti.

Tob Cohen. Police found his missing body inside a manhole in his compound at Kitisuru, Spring Valley Road in Nairobi [Photo, Courtesy]
The DCI said two suspects had been arrested over the disappearance of the tycoon, on July 19, adding that more people could have been involved in the execution.

A friend to Cohen, Peter Muiruri, who spoke during KTN’s live coverage  said that Cohen had serious concerns about his life and that their conversation on that fateful day had all hallmarks of what happened to him.

“He has been my friend close to 30 years, we have been very close. on the night he was murdered we talked from 9.45 p.m to after 10 p.m.

He was very very concerned abut his life and he told me that day if anything happens to him, if was to be found dead anywhere his wife Sarah will be the one responsible.”

Sarah is currently at Lang’ata Women’s Prison and is facing murder charges.

On Thursday the judge ordered that she undergoes mental test before taking plea.





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