Pastor Ng’ang’a Blows Up Internet With Video of Him Healing Kidney Patient

Neno Evangelism leader Pastor James Ng’ang’a is at it again after a viral video of him healing a kidney patient surfaced online.

The controversial pastor is seen holding a man’s stomach and then asks the disease to leave his body. The video has been trending for the better part of today, drawing different reactions from Kenyans.

“Thank you, Jesus, Thank you Jesus…healing power…Kidney,uko na simu? chukua tuongee na wewe na usilete ujinga yako.Amka uanze kufanya kazi kwa jina la Yesu I command you.” he says in the video.

This is not the first stunt from the cleric. The pastor has been hitting trending lists for a while majorly from his church-related theatrics. Surprisingly, Ng’ang’a has still managed to maintain a strong base of followers amid the negative publicity.

Several celebrities have taken to Instagram and social media to attack the pastor for his weird actions and dramatic antics but it seems it has now become a day-to-day occurrence.

Watch the video:


“So tuseme kidney ishike simu…eheeeeee…Ng’ang’a acha zako,” wrote Jalang’o.

“Pastor Ng’ang’a attempted to call you KIDNEY but you were not available. Get 200% Storo Bonus today dial *460# to check your daily target,” Jaymo Ule Msee joked with comedian teacher Wanjiku adding “Kidney ako mteja.”

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