KDF Kills 14 Alshabab Terrorists During Intense Shootout

KDF Soldiers during a patrol

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers on Tuesday killed Alshabab terrorists after a heavy exchange ensued at Elram near Mandera Town.

Reports from Somalia media claimed that the soldiers managed to kill 14 militants during an ambush on their camp located near the trading village.

Further information revealed that nine soldiers were also killed during the incident with four being from the Anti Stock Theft Unit (ASTU).

The KDF and the ASTU were on a regular border patrol when they were accosted by 35 members of the terror group who opened fire on them and lodged grenades at their vehicles.

KDF Soldiers during encounter with terrorists

The army troops countered the threat and managed to displace two of the terrorists who were armed with Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) weapons.

The soldiers further managed to gun down six other Alshabab militants who had tried to find a new vantage point for the machine guns they possessed.

The enemy were forced to retreat to the Albabilo Hills after they were outmatched by the resilient soldiers.

In July 2019, one Alshabab militant was killed during a multi-agency operation to flush out terrorists who had been suspected to be hiding in the area.

North Eastern Regional Commissioner Mohamed Birik had confirmed that the officers had managed to recover a rifle from the terrorists.

Alshabab militants

“We believe many others escaped with bullet wounds and the operation is ongoing. They had bad intentions in the area,” stated Birik.

The militants pursued by the team were reported to have made their way into the country and settled in the area.

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