Wahu and Nameless mark 14th Wedding Anniversary in Style

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The power couple, Nameless and Wahu are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary. Being top musicians in the country it has not been an easy journey for them.

To mark the day, the now gospel musician, Wahu, shared a message on her social media accounts, recounting the struggles they have been through for the fourteen years in marriage.

She said; ” Yoooooooowwww!!! Its our 14th wedding anniversary!!! Where did the time go!
What can I say babe… We’ve laughed, cried, faught, made up, made money, lost money, agreed, disagreed and throughout this rollercoaster called life, I’ve always known I can count on you… my best friend, lover, cheerleader..my ride or die. Thank you for loving me with all my imperfections.
Happy 14th-anniversary @namelesskenya. Here’s to 100 more!!!”

This comes shortly after the Nasinzia hitmaker, Nameless, confessed of a moment when he almost walked out of his marriage.

He narrated; “When we got married, we had no strategy. There were many ups and downs and at times, the pressure was too much.

See, my wife fell pregnant almost immediately after our wedding and you know how cranky they can be. I think I was not fully prepared. One day, I packed my things and wanted to leave.

Looking back, it has been a journey. The most challenging thing in our marriage was trying to understand our differences.

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It was until I read the book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and I knew there were things I needed to change.”

Many are times they face false accusations which if not solved well, may lead to their marriage breaking.

A while back, a blogger said that Nameless wanted a divorce from Wahu over the paternity of their second child.

Addressing the allegations, Wahu said; “I feel really bad because I am like how nasty can you be? Why are you doing this story? I felt bad. What upset me is that, to what length is someone willing to go so as to trend? Obviously, these are lies!

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What hurt me, even more, were my kids, I hadn’t imagined having the kind of conversations I was having. My firstborn child asked me ‘Mummy what is a divorce? Because I hear you and daddy are getting a divorce.’ What is that?

We actually had to spend time chilling with my kids so I explain to her we are okay. Then I realized that what is more important is to focus on building my kids’ confidence because you can’t stop people from saying things. And then the internet never forgets.

Now imagine my little girl who had just been born going to the internet and seeing this story that Nameless is not her dad. What kind of issues is she going to have? I am like this guy is not thinking about the future.

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Me as the mother of the kids that’s all I’m thinking about- my kids. For me the lesson I learned that mahaters wako but I must reinforce my kids so they can go out there and be able to deal with kids who will ask them ‘Your parents are getting a divorce?”

I sat with Tumiso and told her, ‘If you ever want the truth, talk to me, I will never lie to you about anything and we had a discussion and told her ‘Some people really like us and some don’t, some people will say bad things annoy us. But if you want to know anything one and ask us, will never lie to you.”

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