Against all odds! HIV activist Phenny Awiti flaunts baby bump

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HIV+ Phenny Awiti is all joy as she announced that she is expecting a third HIV- baby. Sharing a baby bump photo, she said; ” They say when she is lost, she is pregnant. On a journey, to raising another HIV Negative Baby!”

This comes shortly after the mother of two moved on with a German man who engaged her to marriage. Excited Awiti narrated the sweet memories of her engagement; ” So my guy called me in the living room, I was still lazying in bed and he said that he has something to show me from the living room, so I had to leave the bedroom and go and see what it was.


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They say when she is lost, she is pregnant😘😘😘😘 On a journey, to raising another HIV Negative Baby!

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Then he started saying “Love, I am so glad you and the babies are in my life, given another chance, I’d choose you and the babies still. You are my best friend and am so glad to have you in my life. Okay…So the village girl in me was thinking in my head, Okay, so?

He has always said this, ama?”Oh! While I was still in my thoughts, I saw this man go down on his one knee and take off a very beautiful black ring box, so tiny. He then opened the box…AwwwwhThen he said” Will you marry me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want us to grow old together, and keep going strong.”Aaah.

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I did not wait for the rest of what he had to say. I gently grabbed the hand that was holding the ring, and he got up, I stretched my right hand for the ring to be put(lest he changed his mind). He had mentioned that Germans put the ring on the right hand and not left, so I had a clue which hand to stretch! I did not give this a second thought, or play hard to get, ah ah! Because this man rarely talks, if he talks too much, know that he means every single word. So, where do y’all get the time to take photos during this time??”

She never shies off from sharing her life living with HIV to the world. She revealed in the past how she was rejected by fifteen men after disclosing her HIV status to them. She got pregnant at 22 and immediately conceived when the first child was only 4 months old.

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She discovered that she was HIV+ while at high school after she donated blood to a medical camp which had been set in the school. The medical practitioner disclosed the news to her leaving her in a lost-hope situation. That’s when her sister revealed to her that she was born while HIV+

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