Was Gideon Moi Tricked into Donning Women Regalia in Mt. Elgon?

Gideon Moi
Gideon Moi being installed as Sabaot elder at Kapsakwony in Mt. Elgon. Photo/Courtesy

A day after Baringo Senator Gideon Moi was made an elder in Sabaot, questions of culture have been raised over the type of regalia he donned during the ceremony.

Gideon caused a stir after he was presented with a palm branch commonly known as Sosiot among the Kalenjins as one of the power instruments during the installation.

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Gideon with instruments of power which included ‘Sosiot’ (left hand) a spear and a club.

Many especially members from the Kalenjin community wondered why Gideon was presented with an ‘instrument’ always meant for the women in the society.

According to the community’s culture, those who are made elders are donned in special regalia popularly known as ‘Sambut’, a material made from the skin of blue monkey, and on his head, he wears a hat made from the skin of a colobus monkey.


According to one Elder Chemaswet who is a Sabaot, historian and a preacher with a rich background in culture, women are given the palm branch and a belt donned with beads (Legetio) to imply that they are prepared to cook food for the family and particularly make sweet and sour milk (Mursik).

In addition to this, the palm branch is also given to women who have been accepted as leaders and allowed to sit among elders and to speak with authority.

However, Senator Moi’s installation got members of the Kalenjin community on social media raising eyebrows, terming the regalia he donned as degrading.

Soy South MCA Jonah Tanui said, “The palm is usually for the women, they have turned this man upside down.”

Paul Kimetto GIDEON moi was today Given a “Sosiot”. She is Now Our Kalenjin KINGPIN

Vincent Solit sosiot kulingana na desturi yetu wamama wanatumia sosionte , Ruto is our kingpin

Edwin Kipruto Barno What i know sosiot belong to she so hakuna day mama awe kichwa

John Koech Who have our senator sosiot ? Which place ? Was this done? Let them repeat
Sosiot is for ladies

Kipkorir Chirchir Mathew Sosiot is for ladies,, thanks Mr Kimetto for clarifying well that she is now our kingpin( hope ingekua queenpin)

Whoever did this to Gideon Moi , know that the ancestors are watching how could you hand him Women’s instruments of power ,, especially,,,, how can he be handed over Sosiot which is normally used to wash calabash😓😓😓

Kawochi Kips Sorry guys they were inaugurating women kalenjin kingpin haahaaa#wazee wa sabaot mnatuweza !

Abel Biwott Juu anafanya kazi ya wamama ….right work
Mark Kemboi Sosiot is for women, na sinendet ni ya tarusiek. Sasa huyu kijana kipsiele nitamwelewa kweli?Women elders are confusing this son of Moi


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