Hamisa and Diamond’s All-grown Son Wows Many With His Good Looks (Photos)

Diamond’s son with Hamisa, Dylan has grown into a fine young man. His handsome looks were admired by many when Hamisa shared a video of him preparing to go to school.


Some fans commented that he shares his half sister’s (Tiffah) eyes while others wondered out loud if he truly belongs to Diamond as he is truly a looker. Some fans even declared that they want Diamond’s seed due to Dylan’s killer looks.

Check out some of the comments below:

emmamuricho: Kila ninapomuona huyu mtoto natamani kuzaa na Nasibu

jenny_from_the_block_45: Hamisa you have good genes kwa kweli, Dylan anakua handsome siku zinavyoendaaa.

Kijiwenongwa: Huyo ndiye simba kamili

giner1909: Hiv Nan amegundua Kama bebe dee anafanana na dada Tiffah hasa macho hayo😍😍❤️

ammydgk: Huyu mtoto very handsome, kwel wa Mond?? Inapaswa ajivunie mwanamama kamtolea kitu super.❤️

jacintakaranja52: Yaaani huyu mtoto ni more fire and very handsome kuliko watoto wengine wa mond

proudaushi:Stop it our future son in law!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕Why are you showing off cuteness only meant for my young beautiful niece will be given away to you? Zambians don’t share men.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

lennynyarjohn: Wow!! Our handsome boy💞💞💞

teddymbalale908913: Hamisa Mobetto mwanao ni mzuri hatariii

redempta.mbaika: My little thunderstorm,my sun shine,my handsome boy and my sweetheart.l love u to the moon 🌒 and back my babe

zahramlima3: Cute baby mashallah

cutehawa_: Sema dee mzur bhna ila ajafanan na mond

wmigot: How cute is this boy surely🔥

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