Bien leaves Kenyans open-mouthed with erotic birthday dance(video)

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Bien-Aime is one of the finest in the music industry. The Afro-pop artiste has always made the girls go gaga with his good looks and a sultry voice. Having taken his music to great heights, his dating game is even greater.

He broke many hearts after introducing his fiancée to the world.

Sauti Sol’s Bien is looking forward to wedding his fiancee Chiki this year. He will be having the wedding but about the progress, I have left my fiancée to do the planning.”

Adding, “I can’t avoid one because I love this lady so much.”

                        Bien-aime with his fiancée Chiki


He is dating Chiki, who is a dance fitness guru and model. The couple managed to keep their relationship secret for a year, before they went public, in 2016.

Despite their busy schedules, they are still strong and never shy from displaying affection in public wherever they are.

Bien shocked netizens on Instagram when he decided to flaunt a romantic moment lap-dancing for his babe:

Here are the reactions:


Face is throne 🔥 i love you guys waiting for you two to write a caption for me. God bless you sending love always ❤️❤️❤️


I really had my doubts kama she’s African but baada ya kuona location aliyotoa that cash🙆🏽‍♂️, sina maswali tena, she is 100% our own 😂


😂😂😂 Ati your face did what!?? Lakini vijana si muliambiwa muache hizo vitu… HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chikikuruka chop that money!!!


Hahahahaha ..Ya leo naona imeshika poa bwana chairman.😂


My face is your throne 👀👀💀 love this @chikikuruka Happy Birthday sweetie ❤️❤️


Duh kaka sawa bana! Lakini venye niko nae huku job, bro namchukua ubaki ukilia kama Bahati!

Opera News wish Chiki a Happy Birthday!!!!

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