Rayvanny Can Never Cheat on Me – Baby Mama Screams

Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma has rushed to the defence of her man amid allegations of him cheating with actress Elizabeth Lulu. Speaking to a Tanzanian blog, Fahyma revealed that she knows her man well and he can never cheat on her as he loves her.

“I’ve seen the reports (of Rayvanny cheating)and they are very surprising because they are untrue and its something that can never happen. Rayvanny can never cheat on me because I know my man well and he loves me, no one can snatch my man from me,” she told Dizzim Online.

Fahyma cheating allegations

This is not the first time the couple has been bombarded with cheating allegations. About two years ago Rayvanny publicly dumped Fahyma over cheating allegations. The couple even pulled down all the photos they had taken together as a sign that things were not all good in the hood.

“Mpende ila usimuamini, Mpe ila sio vyote, mtunze ila usimchunge , mpe mwili wako ila usimpe siri zako. Ata mkojo ulikuwa soda, vitamu ndio vichungu. Keep it in your mind” Rayvanny sensationally posted.

In response, Fahyma claimed that she is now a single mum after Vanny Boy kicked her to the curb. “Safari Njema, but change that f***n name PERIOD,” Rayvanny retorted thereby forbidding her from using his name ( Fahyvanny) on social media.

As it turns out, we had all been taken for a ride as this was just one of the incoming publicity stunts Wasafi Records employs. With that said, this new cheating rumour should be taken with a grain of salt, Rayvanny is signed to Wasafi after all. 

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