Latest Revelations Within Jubilee Soil Mariga’s Nomination

McDonald Mariga [Photo, Courtesy]
A Jubilee aspirant in Kibra mini poll has protested the nomination of McDonald Mariga as its candidate terming the process secret and which contravened party rules.

The candidate, Morris Kinyajui said he would appeal the nomination of Mr Mariga because it never existed in the first place.

“Not only was there no nominations (whether open, free fair and transparent or otherwise) conducted, but the National Election Board arrogated upon itself powers it does not have to conduct the aforesaid selection,” Kinyanjui said.

Morris Kinyanjui

The aspirant stated that the party’s election board did not inform the aspirants of the outcome and they only learnt of the same through the media.

Additionally, Mr Kinyajui alleged that Mr Mariga is not a resident or a voter of Kibra Constituency adding that there are serious doubts whether or not he has ever voted.

“His candidature will be impossible sell to the people of Kibra given the calibre of MP we had in the immediate past MP,” he said.

Furthermore, the aspirant warned that disgruntled Jubilee supporters will change their support to our opponents.

During the unveiling of Mariga as Jubilee candidate for Kibra mini polls, National Elections Board chairman Andrew Musangi said they had selected on him as he is “a man of impeccable character and credentials who has had “enduring connections with the people of Kibra”.



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