95 Years and Counting! Kenyans Outpouring Birthdays messages to Retired President Moi

Former President Moi marks his 95th birthday.

September 2, marks the day which retired President Daniel Moi was born. On Monday (Today), Mzee Moi is celebrating his 95th birthday.

Mzee Moi served Kenyans for 24 years after taking over the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in 1978 following his death.

He served Kenyans until 2002 where his constitutional term came to an end.

When he was almost handing over the mantle of leadership, Mzee Moi is remembered for publicly scolding those who imagined he would stick to power.

Moi said that he was finally leaving office to prove that even the long-serving African presidents were not obsessed with power.

He went further to apologize to those who felt he had wronged them and said he had forgiven those who wronged him.

Despite his controversial terms as a president,many Kenyans took to social media to laud him for the many good things he did and wished many more years.

Here is what Kenyans had to say:

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