Like a G! Video of Man cruising on Police Vehicle excites Kenyans

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Kenyan police vehicle Photo: Courtesy

Have you ever been stopped by a policeman and you couldn’t help but think of what you did wrong? Some of us, our feet tremble by just seeing a policeman, could be because, in Kenya, the risk of you being wrongfully detained is usually higher than usual.

Police and city council askaris prey on the naivety of Kenyans to extort money for non-existent charges. They will have you locked up for silly excuses like loitering, looking suspicious, parking offences you name it; that is just how our system is placed and it hurts most of us to the core.

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Photo: Courtesy

Most of us don’t understand why the police instil so much fear on us but on Friday, a Kenyan man proved the statement wrong as he was seen cruising on the bonnet of a police car with no care at all. In most occasions, it’s hard to admit but in our country, human rights are violated every day, could be the reason why we fear police so much?

In the video, it would be hard to tell why the man was sitting on the bonnet, whether it was in good or bad faith since such situations hardly occur in this country. Bearing in mind how our police officers can be rough sometimes, do you think it was brave of him to get ferried on the police car like that?


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Arrested like a boss 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Polisi walimweka hapo juu because the guy was already high on weed and couldn’t come down,,n huko nyuma kulijaa na moshi,,sahi zimeshika bt zitashuka akifika station😂


Amelipia kuka VVIP 🤣🤣🤣🔥


Sa hii nikushkwa ama kusindikizwa🤣🤣


😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂hile upuzi iko Kenya ni wkenya wana juwa tu Kenya tutoki😂😂😂

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