Has your K.C.S.E or K.C.P.E grades become a stumbling block in landing your dream job?

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Getting a job and the process of acquiring one is hard enough, securing one is even harder. The Kenyan market has proven to be a tedious place for anyone to get a decent job let alone securing an interview.

When the gods of luck are on your side, everything will work out for the good, on the flip side though, interviewers will just find something minute to slash you out. Over the years, interviewers have been looking beyond the nice suit and tie, even our latest qualifications and they are now questioning our Primary and Secondary exams.

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What are employers looking for specifically when they want to inquire about your primary or secondary school performance? People have perceived that your school records can tempt an employer to judge your character. How true is that?

Why would an employer care so much about a high school grade?

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