Sad!How Kibera background blocked comedian Mammito’s job opportunities

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There is an old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, unfortunately, people are still being judged and discriminated based on their appearance and social status.

Kenyan Comedian Eunice Mammito for the first time has come out to speak on how she faced discrimination because she’s from the slums.

Taking to her Instagram account, Mammito revealed that she was rejected at work because of rugged hairstyle and because she was from Kibera slums.

“Born and raised in Kibera,, never got employment because saying you come from Kibera is a threat,(ooooh we can’t give her a job , ghetto people aga sijui ghetto mentally) I went for a job interview to be a sells lady and I was rejected because of my rugged hairstyle 不不不不,” she revealed.

The funny girl went on to explain how she turned out to be a stand-up comedian.

” I started doing poems and acting in Kibera,(pillar of Kibera), never knew I was gonna be a stand up comedian, I just went for an audition and told them am a stand up comedian and then I fell in love with the art of stand up comedy and here I am still pushing through the ups and day all these will make sense thanks for your love and support.. love you all” she wrote.







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