Huddah lights up social media after revealing that she is going to get her ‘nunu’ checked

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Controversial Kenyan socialite cum businesswoman  Huddah Monroe took to Instagram to educate her female followers on how to take care of their private parts.

Huddah who was off to see her gynaecologist revealed that it’s important for every lady to get a pap smear at least once a year and also get it screened regularly.

“Every girl should go to the vagina doctor once in a while for a check-up,” she said. Adding that if you don’t have money call your boyfriend and tell him you need to get your pu**y checked.



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Huddah:Every girl should go to the vagina doctor once in a while for a check up…

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However, her fans think only ladies of the night are allowed to go for check up because that’s their office. Check out some of the comments to her video below:

HaniqPhysique…..Hio kwaake offisi. 🙌

Twisy nick…..She talking to all those who use theirs for commercial use like you know who🙌😂

Kasoroni…..😂😂😂tunajua mbona inaenda kuangaliwa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

TotoleKenya…..Kwedaa uko 👉👉👉 unafikiri heaven uta slay ?

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Egitoeddy…….Eti bby I want money to go check my pussy???? Una kula broke hapo hapo I’m not your father… Wewe na hizo ngo’mbe saa Census hakuna tofauti

Carolineodongo…Though she said in an uncouth manner, she has a point. Many women die of cervical cancer and other diseases yet they would have been checked and treated earlier. Prevention is better than cure. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
Komodycynthia….😂😂😂ni mwendo wa ku Peleka “mali” ichekiwe 😂😂😂subutu.

__own.soul.mate._:😂😂😂😂Juzi ilikua fungeni duka, Leo engine zipelekwe service. Sasa kesho itakua nini??😂😂

Do you need to see your gynecologist every year?
 “The answer used to be yes, in part to ensure we got regular Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer. However, new cervical cancer screening guidelines recommend less frequent Pap tests for younger women and no Pap tests for many older women, which may mean many of us no longer need this annual health ritual” this is according to Health Harvard scientists. 

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