Ruto’s fans use Social Media to Drive Attention

mar17-01-538180233Since the re-election of deputy president William Ruto in 2017, twitter has been a nonstop politics machine as the 2022 succession politics shape up but will the popular social network even exist the next time Kenyans hit the polls?

A section of deputy Ruto fans has been using social networks to spread propaganda in an attempt to manipulate voters and otherwise influence political processes and the team isn’t shy about it.

Tweets by Ruto’s fans are slowly turning provocative due to twitter’s 140-character limit which encourages messages that are ripe for misquoting and on the other hand they strike raw nerves of his political rivals.

In a series of tweets for the entire Thursday, Ruto’s fans continued to cheer him by retweeting messages that endorse his re-election while his enemies used the same hashtag #VoteForRuto to get under his skin through their posts and replies.

On the other hand, President Uhuru Kenyatta’shas continually warned politicians engaging in politics at the expense of service delivery.





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