Kama hajawai nyamba mbele yako throughout your relationship, dump her!

In most homes, especially with those of which have traditional old-school parents, its usually the norm to reserve passing gas till you are completely alone and often outside. It is completely unacceptable to pass gas infront of a circumcised male…so your father and/ or brothers if there are any.

If we are being honest, we all treat farts as something that isn’t supposed to happen. People easily forget that its a biological process that everyone goes through and therefore shouldn’t be treated as some form of disease. Just like how periods are seen to be such an evil thing yet it’s a natural biological occurrence that takes place in women smh!

The act of farting is so serious that people take it to the level of hiding it from their partners and even family members. Rest assured that hio ‘Kunyamba’ is normal. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Recently a Kenyan Facebooker shared her sentiments on the passing of gas between two people in a relationship, and linking it to how serious it defines the relationship itself.

Kenyans quickly responded with their two-cents while some had hilarious answers Check them out below.

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