Bahati’s Baby Face Revealing Aborted as Kenyans Reveal Majesty’s Face Through Reflection

Gospel singer Bahati Kenya and his wife Diana Marua have been keeping Kenyans in suspense by deliberately refusing to unveil the face of their newborn baby Majesty Bahati.

However, hawk-eyed Kenyans managed to unveil the face of majesty from a reflection of Bahati’t sunglasses.

Taking to social media, Bahati shared a picture of himself holding majesty with captions:

I Wish My Fans & Friends Can See Your Handsome Faaaceee 💙 @MAJESTYBAHATI 👑 Posting His Photo Soon Follow @MAJESTYBAHATI

little did he know those alert followers had already picked his sons face from the reflection of his sunglasses.


Image Courtesy; Zoomed photo of Bahati’s sunglasses.

Bahati’s fans zoomed the reflections making the face of Majesty more visible and shared the picture on various social platforms invoking all manner of reactions;

While some people lauded Kenyans for creativity, others trolled Bahati’s son claiming that he has a big nose.


Angela Shyra Gal Hahaaaa hii stori tamuuuu,finally tumepata pua yakustua watoto wakukataa kula,NDIO MAANAKE

Jastyre Jt Nobody can stop reggae especially in Kenya where people they have PHD in CID

Austine Hoppyzz Hii inaitwa VAR😂😂😂 sasa shida zingine ni ya kujitakia..nani alimwambia avae shades😂😂😂

Rose Chepngetich Ety una expect rihanna,then boom akotheeeee?????

Jeff Cust Muendo Kwani alizaa katoto kazee????? That’s face looks old

Zeruol Saleem Yààni alijaribu kufunga milàngo àkatupata ndani😂😂😂😂

Naymar Dalda Naish Beb’z That nose looks exactly like marua’s😢

Chris Kinta You can never hide from VAR inanika kila kitu 😏😂😂

Kelvin K’Owala Kumbe watu waliogopa physics bure na ndo wanaapply hapa…

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