KOT exposes list of Kenyan Celebrities likely to snob you in the DMs

Image result for otile brown using his phone
Kenyan Musician Otile Brown Photo: Courtesy

Being a celebrity isnโ€™t a small ordeal, it means youโ€™re looked at by millions of eyes, and many see you as a role model to. In as much as we hardly interact with these celebrities expect on special occasions, very few of them have proven to be humble.

Countless times, many Kenyan celebrities have been exposed as mean and very proud. Once they get into the limelight, everything about them including their personality changes. Yet, when they are in dire need of some help, they will always call out on their fans for help.

Which celebrity did you try interact with and they ended up being mean to you? Here is what Kenyan had to say.

If you had something very pressing that you wanted to tell any celebrity, would you take the bold step and send a DM even when you know chances of their response would be very thin?

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