Suspects Facing Disorderly Charges Arrive in Court too Drunk to Stand Trial


Drunk suspects at Kibera Law Courts.PHOTO/TWITTER

Drama ensued at Kibera Law Courts on Thursday after suspects arrived at the court too drunk to stand a trial.

In a viral video that has since taken the social media by storm, the drunk suspects were captured effortlessly lying outside the court building as they were unable to move an inch to the court.

The suspects were allegedly meant to stand a drunk and disorderly trial. Some police officers in the scene are seen trying to prop them to walk, but the suspects were unconscious to respond to any probing.

The police in the help of spectators aided in carrying in the suspects away from the court’s buildings.

Surprised by the incidence, a background voice would be heard suggesting that the suspects might have been drunked or consumed a drug stronger than alcohol.

Here is the video;

The incidence has left netizens talking as majority started making fun of the rare situation. See reactions;



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