The Wajesus family fall out with comedian Terrence Creative causes online uproar

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Word around social media is that the two close friends and families are no more following a fall out between them. According to a screenshot from Terrence Creative, the comedian revealed that the Wajesus’ are scammers and they stole a woman’s idea and started monetizing from it. The woman was allegedly selling ankara tops and the Wajesus were part of her marketing strategy but they took the idea for themselves and ran with it, making money from it and putting her out of business.

Terence went ahead to thank the law for existing and threatened to take legal action against them. Check out screenshots below:

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The beef seems apparent because Terrence creative and his wife weren’t at the gender reveal party that the Wajesus’ held this past weekend. Check out the video below:

The whole scandal has riled up netizens with fans taking sides. Check out their reactions below:

Purity Kinyua N the Wajesus are very good croppers, wah they totally “removed” the owners of the vitenge ta kwaga fata… nobody else business😁😁😁

Franciscar Achieng Hapa itakua ngumu juu terence alikua celeb toka kitambo n kabi ata hakua n followers bt sai kabi vile ako juu sijui aki though terence n wife wanakaa tu wapoa

Cayrole Chemzy Wah na vile.nilikua nmewafallia🙄

Lydia Chahilu Shame on them

Maggie Meg Shiqs The Photoshop is on another level weeh

Cardi Bee Mbona hawakwenda baby shower Jana, lol

Njeri Gitungu Virginiah Wamahiu but hii ya social media sio poa. Terence should have solved it with him personally

Virginiah Wamahiu Njeri Gitungu I agree I don’t believe he did it .Very immature of him.Wajesus wajipe nguvu

Faith Nzis Hawa walikuwa marafiki wa chanda na pete

Mercy Mulatya Kumewakaaa. There’s something off about this Wajesus family according to me.

Annie Maina Wivu inaua. The WaJesus family wameanza kupigwa Vita baridi. Wivu ni mbaya. I stand with the WaJesus family.

Tricia Jinna The devil is a liar, they had such a beautiful friendship.

Tinah Ombonya I don’t care who’s on the wrong or rather right what I know ain’t supporting the WaJesus…kiherehere tupu

Neddy Achieng Oooops forowing ! Desiree Effykay 
but all along i felt terence and wife were not fitting in this crew.

Victoria Kenyagoh – Oluoch This was either a joke or the Kabis advertising ” Terence Creative”… If you have watched their videos then you know this two families are as tight as your rear apparatus!!

Adhiambo Nyarsembo “Wanatafuta kiki……..” I had to use this word😂😂😂finally wa jesus family must enjoy this word “kiki” not just Diamond n his ex wives😂😂😂😂😂

Waithera D Winnie Emma Wanjiru tuko kimoja mamie .
When i realised they are a couple nikapenda kamami even more .
Lakini milly is a good simple cook

Hawa wajesus ndimoi

Olpha Onsare Kama the Bahati’s walikosana na kina seed,am not surprised ata hawa wamekosana(friendship is at times overrated)
Anyway nilisikia Diana na Milly Wajesus ni mabeshte sai

Jacky Otieno I don’t know what there issues is but at my age I have learnt that those who so much publicize their love may not actually be happy…. I love Milly and Terrence their struggle to get a child resonate with most women…. Kina Kabi I have nothing against them but at my age I don’t find kihehere interesting. I want content that can apply to me… Sidhani most Kenyans married can do ma baby moon or gender reveal with my little economic knowledge.

Janet Wanjuria Si terrence had another family with two kids before leaving them allegedly and I remember he had been anikwad by first wife here in kilimani?

Njeri Gitungu Janet Wanjuria ni life imemhumble pia yeye kama hana kiherehere hangepost issues zao na Kabi kwa social media. So posting was his way of being mature and creating a pseudo account to ruin the gender reveal on kilimani for the young couple?

Janet Wanjuria Is this the same terrence who had been anikwad here three years ago by his first wife with two daughters?

Regina Awinja I don’t like this couples kabisa 🤣🤣🤣wako na utoi mwingi

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