Pesa Otas! Diamond Platinumz Splashes Over 2 Million On Simple Bracelets

In Kenya, we have phrases like “Pesa Otas” which allows rich people to spend money lavishly and flaunt wealth to the public without feeling sorry for the broke group. But what about Tanzania? Do they have such phrases for people like Diamond Platinumz who are ready to rain money funding lavish lifestyle?

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If they have such phrases, then it is time for Diamond Platinumz to use them.

The Bongo star took the internet by storm after sharing a series of videos featuring himself buying expensive Diamond Jewellery in New York where he was performing on 1oth July.

Instagram@diamondplatinumz: Diamond Platinumz Buying expensive bracelets

The shocking part of it is the billing part where Diamond Platinumz paid over $21,000, an equivalent of over Ksh. 2 Million.

He also had his WCB Chain coated with Diamond instantly and paid in cash! Money can do anything comprehensible.

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Image Courtesy Diamond Platinumz

This comes barely a month after  Diamond Splashed millions on Porsche cars he bought for his mother- mama Dangote and Tanasha Donna as Birthday gifts.

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Image Courtesy: Expensive Cars Diamond gifted his mother and Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna revealed Diamond is organizing a mega baby shower party which she says planning it was not an easy undertaking.

I know I’m late with the second post 😏 Mind is preoccupied & planning a baby shower ain’t as easy as I thought it would be 😫
Tanasha wrote;

All these events happening in quick succession demand a lot of money. However Diamond continue to spend extravagantly on his simple jewelry.

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