Does church have meaning anymore in the Kenyan Society?

Kenya is a God-fearing and religious nation. That is what most of the Kenyan leaders say whenever confronted to make hard decisions on religion and morality in the country. Statistically, at least 80% of people in Kenya are said to be Christians and Islam is the second-largest religion with a population of about 11% being Muslims; others are Baha’i, Hindu, African religions and atheists.

Things that happen in and out of these churches by the so-called Christians have soiled the sanctity and the once-powerful social institution is gradually being reduced to a mere gathering.

The church is supposed to offer moral guidance to leaders and those in authority but the Kenyan churches have become too involved in other activities to the extent of taking sides.

Church in Kenya is no longer a ministry serving God but a business where the so-called men of God seek to enrich themselves and are never afraid to flaunt their ‘blessings’. Preachers are increasingly conducting fundraisers to buy plots of land, houses, and vehicles. Their lifestyles change fast, from a street hawker to a multi-millionaire, with no noticeable change in their followers’ welfare.

It has also become a common place for immorality, and not just about sexual misgivings, but general bad behavior.

Leaders of all kind are using churches in exploiting people and for their own personal gain nowadays. In the recent case of Saturday morning, church leaders closed down the Maxwell Central SDA Church.

Maxwell Central SDA Church closed by SDA bosses this morning. Police chasing away worshippers. What a shame for leaders to think they can control the masses.

Posted by Charles Karori Njoroge on Friday, 9 August 2019

The move caught the attention of Kenyans.

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