Top Musicians Battling With Throat Complications

Pitson, Ommy Dimpoz, and Jimmy Gait; Image Courtesy

Musicians depend heavily on their voice for singing. Voice comes from the voice box or larynx located at the throat slightly below the tongue and above the windpipe. The vibration of vocal cords produces voice.

While musicians depend on voice for their living, the problem of throat cancer and other throat ailments have been a serious problem among them.

A number of famous musicians have suffered throat problems forcing them to take a break from the music industry. Here are some of the artistes who have suffered throat problems.

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Jimmy Gait: Image Courtesy

1. Jimmy Gait

Gospel singer Jimmy gait reported that he will be flying to India for a throat Surgery on Sunday 11th July 2019. Addressing his fans through social media, he said that he is expected to take 15-20 days in India.

Jimmy revealed that his painful throat prevented him from singing.  He asked for prayers from fans and thanked them for support.

Thanks alot for all the support you guys are offering me, am truly grateful and stronger to know that I have people that care about me! It goes a long way! The state of my mind right now is paramount to a successful surgery and recovery! I shall keep you posted on every move. I totally love you all, from my heart! “Pray for me as I go through treatment. Thanks for all your support…much love!”

Jimmy Gait wrote

Fans wished him well and promised to pray for him as he goes through trying times.

Pole Sana bro, may God see you through. I pray that God will bring you back in good health.
Get Well Kabro, Have your smile back, He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above
Woiye Jimmy I’ll personally pray for you you’ve been blessing to my life…
Receive the healing my frd God will bring you back praying for you so don’t worry God is in control
God our father I commit this wonderful soul into your Holy hands. May you touch and heal his body. Lord take over. We believe and trust that everything is going to be okay. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN
Sorry Jimmy.go cameback we do a song of praise to GOD together!! QR IN JESUS NAME!



Before Jimmy Gait went public on his throat illness condition, Gospel singer Pitson had revealed that he will not be singing for a while citing throat problems.

Pitson revealed that physicians advised him to take a break from singing for some months after ruling out that he had damaged his voice box.

I went to see a doctor after I was unable to sing and they said I am not going to sing for the next two months because my voice is damaged,” he said. Doctors said he has been overworking his throat, which caused the damage.

Pitson started singing at a tender age and he depends on music for a living. He said that the condition was the most difficult season in his life because be relies entirely on music.

It is really difficult for me because singing is what I do for a living, and staying away from the studio sounds very boring to me,” he said, adding that he is hoping to get better and do what he likes.

Ommy Dimpoz

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Ommy Dimpoz; Image Courtesy

In July 2018, Tanzania bongo singer Ommy Dimpoz was flown to South Africa where he underwent throat surgery. It was reported that Ommy spent 15 days in hospital after the surgery.

Ommy Dimpoz, however, recuperated from the ailment and went back to the music arena. He is set to release a collaboration with Kenyan artiste Willy Paul and Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba.


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