‘So Laboso was buried with the car’ Incoming Bomet Governor trolled for hiring a new car

Dr. Hillary Barchok to be sworn in as new Bomet Governor tomorrow
Photo: Dr. Hillary Barchok the incoming Bomet Governor/courtesy

The incoming Bomet Governor Dr. Hillary Barchok has been forced to hire a new car for his inauguration which is set to be held today.

Dr. Barchok has been forced to find some other means of transport after Bomet County Government failed to secure for him a posh car to usher him to county plum job in style.

Bomet county ‘brokenness’ has been caused by the recent standoff between the national government and the county governments over the division of revenue bill.

The hiring of a new car is opposite to the earlier claims that the county had bought a brand new luxurious lexus car  for Dr Hillary Barchok.

But the online community has not taken lightly the fact that Bomet County is struggling to get a new car for the incoming Governor Barchok. Most Netizens are demanding to know what the late Governor Dr Joyce Laboso used that the incoming one cannot continue using them.

One social media user, Abdullahi Ali, has asked Bomet county government to consider using the cars left by the county government instead of investing in buying a new one which is a waste of mwananchi’s funds.

“The office of the governor must have had a vehicle. That was not a personal car. That vehicle is for the office not personal unless it has mechanical problem which I doubt. Anew car not a priority for now. Some governors and their deputies are using the vehicles bought during 2013,” He stated.

Many have even started reading malice in the incoming Governor Dr Barchok.


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