Issa lie: You don’t really love him!!

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Over time, we have consumed so much media which has affected our way of life and everyday interactions. Infatuation is an intense temporary romantic attraction to a person. They can be your partner, a date, or someone you saw on the street. In short, it’s a crush. Love usually begins with infatuation but becomes more stable as the infatuation fades.

We learn about love in so many different and often conflicting ways without ever being taught what it really is. When you’re in the middle of something, it can be hard to understand how you’re feeling.

Image result for black man in Infatuation meaning
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A loving relationship isn’t built overnight. It comes from sustained affection and mutual respect and care. In other words, it takes time. When you’re in love, a tiny region of the brain that deals with attachment, becomes active. It doesn’t elicit a fiery passion so much as a deep wizened form of affection.

When you’re deep in love, you won’t be as crush crazy, which is probably a good thing. The ventral pallidum is also the part of the brain that causes a lot of the pain that follows a breakup.

There’s real danger in confusing infatuation and love. Being infatuated can feel like a high. It’s associated with erratic behaviour and an eagerness to please or win the object of your attention. This can take the form of buying expensive gifts for someone you just started dating or bailing on friends, family or work for any chance to see this person again.

When you’re infatuated, you look at your crush and the relationship in the most flattering light. You may make excuses for their poor behavior or overlook incompatibilities because you’re caught up in the throes of your feelings.

However, infatuation eventually ends, at which point you’ll have to stand by the choices you made when you were caught up in your emotions. Infatuation is the temporary insanity that sometimes leads to love. It’s important to make the distinction because infatuation can be great but when you’re riding that high remember that you’ll have to come down at some point.

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