Who will Pocket this Money? Kenyans ask of Sh1.2B Exported Crude Oil

Image result for Crude oil from Ngamia wells in Turkana
Armed police officers escort tanktainers loaded with crude oil from the Ngamia 8 Oil Well in Nakukulas, Turkana County. Photo/File

After President Uhuru Kenyatta announced on Thursday that Kenya had exported its first crude oil at a market price of Sh 1.2 billion, Kenyans received the news with mixed reactions.

While some welcomed the move, many took time to criticize the decision to export it saying that Kenya had a refining plant at Changamwe in Mombasa.

Image result for Crude oil from Ngamia wells in Turkana
Four Tank containers at the Ngamia 8 oil well in Nakukulas, Turkana County. Photo/File

“We are now an oil exporter. Our first deal was concluded this afternoon with 200,000 barrels at a price of 12 million US dollars,” said President Kenyatta when he chaired the cabinet meeting at the statehouse.

Here are some of the reactions from angry Kenyans who largely predicted another looming Oil scandal in the making after the exportation plans kicked off.

Hildon Boen The curse of black gold strikes again. We will soon hear of oil saga, scandal, siege,embezzlement whatever the media will name the bastardized thieving that will emerge. Ksh1.2 billion Mmmh🤔. Hope Kenya breaks the curse but by look of things Mmmh…

Joshua Makori Soon auditor general Ouko will unmask 1billion of sold crude oil unaccounted

 15 hours ago

Fred Simiyu Then are we still going to import crude oil from Saudi Arabia at 2.1b of the same quantity?

Sokia Castro W And all that amount is going to some few individuals’ pockets.
Kenya is ripe for civil war

Shedy Luiz This is kenya,media should tell us more ,why Changamwe Refining company collapsed???and why governnent is silent about it#Kinoti amepata kazi nyingine….he should launch the investigation

Mastua Fredrico And who is going to pocket the 1.2billion as we now know where billions are involved a few individuals are secretly smiling for seeing some harvests somewhere they didn’t sow

Gregory Mutinda We had a Petroleum Refinery. Just around time of oil discovery, it died. Reasons ? Now, we don’t need a refinery as an oil producer ,? Stupidity with no measure.

Kennedy Anyumba Why export yet we need it right here? I thought the headline ought to av been like Kenyans to enjoy lower petroleum prices

Ann Karen Yaani badala ya iuzwe kenya wanaiuza nnje n where economy is a risk due to this fuel thing aki surely waangalie tu .sijafurahia ata

Gideon Mokamba Anyimu 1.2B..divide by 5M…gava itupee 240Ksh each..that’s the only way we shall benefit .Otherwise utasikia only one person has misappropriated all the cash

Jared Mboya If you ask them to whom the oil was exported & where is the money, they will scatter like cockroaches when you flick on the lights in a dark room.


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